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Amazing Halloween Costume 2014 Part 5

This Is Halloween!
One of my great joy in Halloween is a reunion of them. I'm big fan of her great world of the costume. He enjoyed amazingly liveliness Jack, and she dressed as grave stone angle so so elegantly. (Did you know they are same as "Snow White & Seven Dwarfs" in 2013?)

I really impressed the design which Jack is coming through the tree. And there are cute trick behind the Jack!

They don't forget the important one on tree trunk!

There are scintillantly snow on the over organdie skirt on the dress. Can you believe it? She sewed a small lace on it one by one. And more more surprisingly, it was sewed with small bead on each edge! Amazing needlework.

Not only her feet, her head and wing are also covered with a thin layer of beautiful snow. Her creation is sooo great.

Her hair and wing is so fantastic. Every detail made so elaborate and careful.

In front of her bag, there are cute snake which Jack set his under a Christmas tree. Can you see a middle of his stomach? He ate not only a wreath, but also swallowed a present!

The back of the bag, there are famous moonlit hill, but there are no Jack & Zero.
Yes, they are in TDL now!

They are so awesome.
"The Nightmare Before Christmas"

A Single Rose in return for Halloween!
It's so amazing she made her costume completely to detail of the sleeve edge's pattern same as the one from the movie which is so brief a while.
"The Enchantress" from "Beauty and the Beast".

Trick or Treat from the Hundred Acre Wood!
I luckily found a ladylike Kanga and cute Eeyore in TDL. I like their raffine color dresses. They expressed their character very stylish.
"Kanga with Roo, Eeyore" from "Winnie-the-Pooh"

Fast food-toy support group at TDL!
I couldn't believe when I saw Queen Neptuna and Mini Buzz in front of the Cinderella Castle. Of course I asked them a photo, then they guided me a place where more two fun meal toys waited. It was wonderful moment for me. I really appreciate they choose these great characters. Well done!!
"T-Bone, Queen Neptuna, Roxy Boxy, Fun Meal Buzz" from "Small Fry"

Halloween Treats, Behind You!
I surprised that he looked like he escaped from really blizzard. I like his amazing magic snow of his wonderful costume.
"Kristoff" from "Frozen".

Got the Halloween magic feather !
The fluffy with vivid red jacket group enjoyed TDL Halloween in full feather. I like their great costume and cap with pretty ears, but especially I love their spirits. These cute Timothies went to carry TDL Halloween up.
"Timothy Mouse" from "Dumbo"

We Meet The Halloween World with Love!
We can meet any Disney character in TDL Halloween, but I never thought I could meet a character from "Meet The World" the terminated attraction. Because 1. It closed in 2002, 2. The original main character is Red-crowned crane. 3. Too maniac. But she broke down them utterly. She expressed the bird as a two tone kimono with a red hair ribbon. It was so great. (Did you know they are same as "Little Leota" in 2011?)
"Red-crowned crane the time travel guide" from "Meet The World" the attraction.

There are many chance to meet a fantastic Disney characters during TDL Halloween. This cool lady gave me to a great opportunity to see a deep world of Disney animation. The beautiful flying donkey doll was made by herself. I 'm very impressed her skillfulness.
"Gauchito with Burrito" from "The Flying Gauchito".

I never thought I could watch a famous scene of the stretch room in front of the Cinderella Castle. I really surprised their perfection. Look at their pond, rope and alligator. They are so well made, and pocketable! And amazing grave stone! It's so elaborated and it's backpack! They are pretty and clever Haunted ladies.
"Constance Hatchaway, The Pretty Young Lady" from "Haunted Mansion".

It's A Halloween Halloween World!
They are so pretty in a fabulous dress with a cute big smile. I think you just can't stop sing the song with these happy girls from around the world. They realized us how TDL Halloween is so great.
"Girl from Mexico, Chinese, England, Holland" from "It's A Small World".

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