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Hello, everyone.
I'm a huge Disney Lover. Visiting WDW had been my dream since I was a child. I was moved by my first visit to WDW when I graduated from high school. The sensation I felt at the moment on the 25th anniversary when I saw the Cinderella castle decorated like special cake was my most precious memory.

The greatest thing for me living in Japan and not being able to visit America so often is the lively activity on many elaborate geeks' websites and podcasts. The latest news, lots of topics and the sharing of beautiful photos and movies make me so happy.
I always appreciate and respect their devotion and passion for Disney-things.

Driven by their passion, I have created this site, "uranezu.com" because I would like all Foreign Disney geeks to enjoy the Tokyo Disney Resort the same way I enjoy their sites.
This is for you. I hope you enjoy my website.

I' m a typical Japanese and am not very good at English
There may be some mistakes in spelling, grammar, along with sentences that are just nonsensical and meaningless. I am still working on my English.
Therefore be a friend and let me know if you find something wrong.

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This amazing calligraphy was written by my hometown great craftsperson, Yasuhito Nakamura.
The above bold, stout, and something cheerful character is called “Yose Moji” which has used for “Yose” the Japanese theater poster and flyer since Edo-Period.

Please enjoy his masterful brushwork!

...shared the uranezu.com notebooks at EVERNOTE