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Aug. 04 2019 About Scattered Toys in TDR.

Jun. 22 2019 About Disney's Tanabata Days.

May 26 2019 About Saving Mode at TDL.

Apr. 30 2019 About Land of Eggs.

Apr. 13 2019 About Sea of Chicks.

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Aug. 04 2019 About Scattered Toys in TDR.

Sorry for waiting! It was time to Tour de France, so I've been a bit negligent on my website.

I think you've already knew about TDS Soarin' and new shows. I will report them in near future.

So today I'd like to tell you about limited time Toy Story's decoration and some merchandises.

There is a limited Toy maker display in front of a hauling dray of woods in Westernland.

For celebrating Toy Story 4, we can enjoy seeking Forky the new character of Toy Story 4, until September 1st in TDL. The Forky is hiding 8 places in the park, so please pick up the special map, then follow some clues will help you for the searching.

You can get the map as bellows:

The first Forky is in Adventureland.

No one noticed it except people have the map. This is the dining area of "Boiler Room Bites", that's why he brings his dream utensils.

Fantasyland Forky is quite tough to find.

The above area is always many busy with guests

Here are the Forky from Tomorrowland and Toontown.

Don't forget to look forward not only ground level, but also upward.

The below is my favorite Forky.

It's really cute.

It is very fun only to find the Forky itself, but if you try your Japanese skill, you are able to challenge extra mission.

The mission is following three.

Mission 1: Find the Forky who has Woody's cowboy hat.
Mission 2: Find a word from the Mission 1.
Mission 3: Find a phrase on the map from the clue of Mission 2.

Look carefully, Forky has two kinds of hat in each place.

You can find a phrase on the map, but this last part is a quite big challenge, so please ask a cast member for help, I bet they will give a hint for you.

One custodial was so awful and this cast didn't give us a reward sticker. The map says we can get it from all the cast members in TDL, so that chilling service made us so shocked.

But I believe there are good casts in TDL, so you will definitely get a special sticker as the Forky searching reward.

Good Luck!!

Mini Snack Case

In these few years, they launched a special mini case for a snack in each event. I recommend the trash can shaped case.

This design is very familiar for WDW or DL person which have Toy Story area, but there is no same trash can in TDR. So, I don't think this design is not big appeal for Japanese.

This trash can come with Forky. The case with jellybeans for 850JPY.

During this summer season, they sell three different designs rubber coasters in each park. You can get it for 500JPY additional fee for one beverage.

It's not very reasonable to get all six coasters, but too cute to resist.

I know S.S. Columbia the symbol of American Waterfront area and Gondola is very distinctive and representative things of TDS, but I got this Haunted Mansion and Pirates of Caribbean's.

Yes, the classic attraction is more attractive than anything!

Popcorn Bucket
I can't say easily "How about grab some popcorn?" in TDR, because the price is about 2400JPY. But I'll show you relatively new popcorn bucket.

Andy's toy box shape is really nice which has launched in last winter, but it's still popular bucket.

And the Claw bending machine shape is really new bucket.

We've already saw similar themed light-up shipper bottle in US, but this Japan alien has own room (it means the alien divided the transparent wall in the rid from the popcorn container), so never touches your food!

Come and spend a fun time at TDR with a wonderful memory until Toy Story 3!

If you have any questions, opinions and requests, please contact us.

Jun. 22 2019 About Disney's Tanabata Days.

It's time to annual pre-summer event at TDR.

TDL and TDS have started "Tanabata Days" which celebrate a rendezvous at Milky Way once in a year of Hikoboshi the prince and Orihime princes.

Exotic costume (it's not actually Kimono, because this legend origin from China.), dating at Milky Way, and bamboo decoration, we Japanese loves this romantic event in many aspects.

Therefore the event is taking place for a month, the actual day is 7th July, though.

During this event, you can get a special Disney wishing cards. The blue cards at TDL, the yellow one at TDS.

You can write your wish down on the back. The design is really beautiful with Disney stars.

So let's write your wish on the card, and hang the bamboo tree.

There are so many wishes!

If you are loved by wind, you will lucky to see Disney Pal's wishes through the branches and leaves.

It's not like him to wish a "Relaxing Summer"!! But he is busy because "Donald's Hot Jungle Summer" the night-time Castle Stage show is drawing on. So, it is no wonder.

Pluto's artistic gift surprised me always.

You can also enjoy this Disney's Tanabta Day's in TDS.

A Wishing Place is located in American Waterfront, the area is nearer the (real) sea than TDL, so you'll enjoy bamboo rustling by sea breeze. (The Tanabata nursery song starts "Bamboo leaves are rustling and rustling".)

There are so many special Japanese style banners.

101 Dalmatians' are new pattern in this year.

The main banner of TDS are very beautiful.

As you see, the pink star is Orihime, and blue one is Hikoboshi.
If you can visit the Milky Way-side, you might see the bellows.

A sight of swaying bamboo in the early summer breeze under a starry night is very romantic.

I hope your wish will come true.

If you have any questions, opinions and requests, please contact us.

May 26 2019 About Saving Mode at TDL.

As you know, TDL and TDS are in a middle of Easter event. But I think you don't know what's going on actually at the parks after TDL 35th anniversary the big party.

They over promoted TDL 35th anniversary in everywhere (even inside TDS), in every way to 2019 March. You can easily imagine how the parks packed with the whipped guests through the anniversary year.

Now the parks back to normal (to me, every time is special whether they set an anniversary year or not.).

Therefore the attendance clearly decrease than the last years without these big advertisement.

Roughly speaking, now TDR seems that they operate the park as a saving mode.

Why am I use "Saving mode" ? You'll see it after my today's topic.

One reason is no more paid Easter egg hunt in this 2019 year. TDL took place various fee-based Easter egg hunt in the parks in every year though.

Therefore there are no new character eggs in TDL, or they don't need worry about left over of a prize as the game reward and not need an extra cast member for checking the Egg Hunt game at goal, which make cost savings.

This is the one reason that I guess TDL operation is under the saving mode.
And here are another reason. It's about new plastic shopping bags at TDR shops.
They stopped making a various plastic bags any more.
As you know, TDR changed the design in every annual event or attraction grand opening.

In the last year 2018, they gave about four designs as below. The front side was same TDL 35th Anniversary, but the back was changed in every special event.

The left was used from the anniversary started to Christmas. The right was used for the time of the anniversary Grand Finale in January to March.

These designs were the back side of the plastic bag.

This time is a nice opportunity to show some TDR plastic bags.
So let's look back.

How about 10 years ago holiday season?

The one side is Mickey from TDL Christmas, and the other one is lovely couple in Yule night TDS. That's very nice design.

And here are 2012 spring season's bags.

TDL looks authentic Easter design, and TDS celebrated spring with sea themed. They were also cute.

How about the debut year?

This shopping bag was used 2001 in the TDS opening year.

The below was in 2017 which used only for Duffy and friend's merchandises.

The below in 2005 Christmas was one of my favorite.

Very simple and neat Mickey face and symmetric design were really recognizable that the two parks took place different Christmas event. That was really attractive.

This is an extra.

I remembered that this plastic bag gave at open call for TDR part time job.

It's a quiz time!
Can you guess which bag is oldest?

The answer is A.
The both design are really similar at the first glance, but A have a historical treasures on it. Can you see them?
Yes, there are two extinct attractions! Star Jet at Tomorrowland on Mickey-side and Storm Rider at Port Discovery on Minnie-side.
I still shocked that they removed these landmarks away from the park.

However, the design will not change anymore, and keep use the same design through the year.

The above nothing special design keep using all the time in the both parks.

There was 5 sizes, but they can provide only 3 sizes now.

XS: about 15cm X 23cm ←No more.
S: about 23cm X 31cm with a handle ←No more.
M: about 29cm X 46cm with a handle hole.
L: about 39cm X 46cm with a handle hole and bottom gusset.
XL: about 53 X 56 with a handle hole and bottom gusset.

This sad changing started from 26 March 2019.

These two reasons lead me "saving mode park operation" conclusion.

Anyway, there are lots of "get back the guests after the big advertisement year" strategies in TDL and TDS. It include night time castle stage show in TDL or opening of Soarin' in TDS.
Now the stage in front of the castle is under constructing.

And Soarin' in TDS looks almost ready!

Therefore we should watch its moves.

If you have any questions, opinions and requests, please contact us.

Apr. 30 2019 About Land of Eggs.

Sorry for waiting!
But don't worry, TDR still take place Easter event until June 2. So, today's post is "Disney's Easter" at TDL.

In this year's Easter, they created a new character for TDS.

TDS has "Usapiyo" the new character for the event, but TDL nothing has changed.

It's just "Usatama" the combined character with bunny (USAgi) and egg (TAMAgo).

The main photo locations at the hub have a lot of Usatamas.

It's difficult to understand a situation of boy's photo decoration.

The girl's side is clearer to see.

Do you see Buzz and Zurg eggs?

I don't think it's a perfect location for these lovely Easter eggs.

Unfortunately, most waist-high flowerbed used as a bench in high attendance TDL. And the flower bed is located inside a stroller parking of attraction. Therefore it's tough to take a picture of this wonderful eggs.

I hope they will find more nice place in next Easter.

Yes, as you know a new face Mickey and Minnie has debut from this year's Easter.

The parade is same as the last year's, but with the new heads, so still "Usatama on the Run" the special Easter parade get a lot of interest.

I'll show you more hiding(?) Usatamas in TDL.

Holding an apple usatama is located from next to "Snow White's Adventures" the classic dark ride.

A usatama in a dense plantation in Critter Country.

One usatama is peeking some guests in "Plazma Ray's Diner".

The below is my favorite at the entrance of "Queen Heart's Banquet Hall" the restaurant.

There are more Usatamas in the park, so come and find them all!

If you have any questions, opinions and requests, please contact us.

Apr. 13 2019 About Sea of Chicks.

It's time to welcome a new spring.

TDR has started an annual Easter event, "Disney's Easter" from April 4 to June 2.

In this year's Easter, they created a new character for TDS.

They also prepared a birth story of the newbie.

Mickey and pals decorated eggs. Minnie and Daisy found a something special egg with chick painting.

They added a rabbit's ears on the chick's head. Then "Usapiyo" the new character was hatched from the egg.

Usapiyo is a coined word which came from "Usagi" (rabbit) and "Piyo piyo" (cry of chick).

There are many Usapiyp banners on a passageway to Mediterranean Harbor.

When you stepped into Porto Paradiso the main area of the harbor, you can realized how TDS promoted the Usapiyo so hard in TDS Easter.

Every lamppost is decorated with an artificial ivy and Usapiyo banner.

You can see not only on the picture, but also a figures of Usapiyo in this area.

There are more and more Usapiyos in Waterfront Park.

I admit a site is adorable which so many Usapiyos are enjoying their Disney's Easter on their way. Especially shy Usapiyo is very cute.

Please don't forget Chip & Dale.

Of course, a main photo location in the park also featured Usapiyo!

During this TDS Easter event, the Waterfront Park is decorated as Usapiyo Easter Park.

There are ride-type photo locations.

Everybody can enjoy a picture with this ride.

Duffy and friends came out from Cape Cod, and play with Usapiyos.

The size of Usapiyo in a real life is bigger than our thought.

I'll try to report the new special Easter show, "Tip-Top Easter", if I win the show lottery.

If you have any questions, opinions and requests, please contact us.