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2011 Amazing Halloween Costume

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Part 5

Winter Wonderland!
Here are a cute Christmas version Shaker and Bunny. Look at the details! They love Country Bear so much. It's a wonderful!
"Terrence (AKA. Shaker)" & "Bunny" with Bubbles, Beulah the Duffy from "Country Bear Theater Christmas Special ver.".

Watch out!
What an elaborate costumes and props! They gives me a very cool posing for a photos. Awesome!
"Boo" & "Randall" from "Monsters, Inc.".

Our time is just round the corner!
It's an interesting choice of the Halloween costume. They really enjoyed being the Gingerbread boy and girl.
"Gingerbread boy & girl" from Disney Christmas.

Happy ending!
Here are the spell is broken Babette and Lumiere. They are beautiful...
"Babette" & "Lumiere" from "Beauty and the Beast".

Grown up!
I thought he was a Mr. Incredible at that time, but when I checked the photo carefully, his hair is fluffy not sleek blonde as Robert (Mr. Incredible). So I think he is a big Dash..
"Dash" from "The Incredibles".

They explained their intent in being a character of the "Flowers" from one of the classics "Silly Symphony". They said, "We would like to be a geeky character". Yes, you are exactly! It is so nice! I got to hand it to you!
"Flowers" from "Flowers and Trees / Silly Symphony".

Where's Sandy Claws?!
A cheerful trio from Yamanashi prefecture to kidnap the Sandy Claws. I am happy that the number of foreigner enjoy the TDL Halloween. It is good for TDL to be an international flavor.
"Shock", "Lock", "Barrel" from "The Nightmare Before Christmas".

A slim Syndrome and an adorable Mirage. There are many Incredibles in this year, but it is not easy to find this couple, so it is a happy encounter for me.
"Syndrome" & "Mirage" from "The Incredibles".

Any adventure will do!
It's impressive to see a six Dr. Jones at once. Look at their cool Indiana Jones standing position. Cool!
"Indiana Jones" with ("Short Round") from "Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull".

Hurry back!
She moaned that never noticing who she is. Don't be sad! recognize you easily. It's a wonderful choice, Madame Leota! I support your spirit!
"Little Leota" from "Haunted Mansion".

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