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2011 Amazing Halloween Costume

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Part 6

Get well soon!
A very attractive injured bear from "Country Bear Theater". She performed well the charming diva.
"Teddi Barra" from "Country Bear Theater Christmas Special ver.".

Jolly Holiday!
This warm and wonderful family offered a variety of sizes Mary and Bert. It's a happy moment for me to meet the family that enjoyed the TDL Halloween.
"Mary Poppins" & "Bert" from "Marry Poppins".

Two Worlds!
This party created the perfect world of the "Tarzan". I was impressed with their inquiring mind for the Disney's animation.
(Did you know this party is same as "Barbie & Ken" from the "Toy Story: Hawaiian Vacation" in 2011 ?)
"Tarzan" & "Jane" from "Tarzan".

Halloween Bugs!
They expressed gorgeously a vivid color of the film. The Heimlich's texture, the Flik's props includes a leaves cap and backpack, and the Gypsy's beautiful wing are also wonderful.
"Heimlich", "Flik", "Gypsy" from "A Bug's Life".

I just can't wait the Halloween Night!
This Lion King unit is very lively and fashionable team. Each of them gave a wonderful expression.
"Scar", "Simba", "Nara", "Shenzi" from "The Lion King".

A well controlled brooms and a footloose apprentice!
We can feel the enjoyment from their Halloween disguise. I have admiration for the judicious choice of costume material.
"Brooms" & "Apprentice" from "Fantasia".

A real hero!
I never expected to see a leading figure of the "Tangled", so I was very excited. She skillfully created the saddle and the tag.
"Maximus" from "Tangled".

Here they comes!
It was so cool the Incredibles-studded TDL Halloween. This intensity was a delight for guests to watch.
"Mr. Incredible", "Violet", "Dash", "Mrs. Incredible" from "The Incredibles".

(Cover his eyes by his own request.)
Fluffy entertainer!
In this year, there are many bears from the "Country Bear Theater". This party is the most fluffy and good fur. They created a nice atmosphere.
"Trixie" & "Henry" from "Country Bear Theater".

2011 Part 7