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The below all pictures are not real food, they are all plastic food samples. Please enjoy the food samples of good workmanship!

I would like you to enjoy the many plastic food samples, the below pictures contain old menu items.
And please kindly note that the foods menu will change depending on the season or event.

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Plaza Pavilion Restaurant     Pecos Bill Cafe     Hungry Bear Restaurant     Lucky Nugget Cafe    

Plaza Pavilion Restaurant

Food samples from "Plaze Pavilion Restaurant" the cafeteria-service restaurant. Many mouth-watering food samples display on the upper side of a food lane.


Pecos Bill Cafe

This counter-service restaurant face onto a parade route, before this restaurant the Cast Member stood and directly appeal the "wrapsand"which is the specialty to the guest. The lower picture is the plastic food sample which has the outside Cast Member.

Pic. 8: 2017 Frozen Fantasy special menu food sample.

Pic. 7: 2014 Winter regular food sample.

Pic. 5-6: 2014 Christmas Fantasy Special menu food samples.

Pic. 4: 2013 Disney's Halloween food samples.

Pic. 2-3: 2011 Christmas Fantasy food samples.

Pic.1: 2011 Halloween food samples.


Hungry Bear Restaurant

Wow! Completely new and neat food sample show case was coming on September 2013. Hooray!

This restaurant specialty is curry & rice, unfortunetely, there are no curry food samples. but we can enjoy the summer specialty "Mango Jel ly & Coconut Drink" food sample at the cash register.

Pic. 11-13: 2017 Disney’s Easter special menu food samples.

Pic. 10: 2017 Frozen Fantasy special menu food sample.

Pic. 9: 2017 winter regular menu food sample.

Pic. 7-8: 2016 Christmas Fantasy Special Menu food samples.

Pic. 5-6: 2016 Disney's Halloween special menu food samples.

Pic. 4-5: Anna and Elsa's Frozen Fantasy special menu food samples.

Pic. 3-4: 2015 Summer - Fall regular menu food samples.

Pic. 3: 2014 Christmas Fantasy special food sample.

Pic.2 : 2014 fall regular food(?) samples. I'm really waiting for curry food samples!

Pic.1 : 2014 Disney's Natsu Matsuri special food sample


Lucky Nugget Cafe

Before buying, check your meal at the food sample showcase. We can also enjoy the food sample of the churro and the turkey leg.

Pic. 13: 2015 Summer regular menu food samples.

Pic.11 : 2014 fall regular food samples.
Pic.12 : 2014 Disney's Halloween Special menu food samples.

Pic.10 : 2014 summer regular food samples.

Pic.9 : 2014 Disney's Natsu Matsuri special food samples.

Pic.8: 2014 Spring regular food sample.

Pic.. 7: 2013 Summer D's Delights food samples.

Pic. 6: 2012 Disney's Christmas Fantasy food samples.

Pic. 5: 2012 Disney's Halloween food samples.

Pic. 4: 2012 Disney's Natsu Matsuri food samples.

Pic. 3: 2011 Christmas food samples.

Pic.1-2: 2011 Halloween food samples.