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The below all pictures are not real food, they are all plastic food samples. Please enjoy the food samples of good workmanship!

I would like you to enjoy the many plastic food samples, the below pictures contain old menu items.
And please kindly note that the foods menu will change depending on the season or event.

Special Event Cart (2017.07.15 Started)

World Bazaar

Eastside Cafe (2019.06.08 UP DATE)
Ice Cream Cones (2019.11.15 UP DATE)
Refreshment Corner (2019.11.15 UP DATE)
Great American Waffle Co.


Squeezer's Tropical Juice Bar (2015.07.26 UP DATE)
Royal Street Veranda (2017.07.15 UP DATE)
The Gazebo (2019.11.15 UP DATE)
China Voyager (2019.04.06 UP DATE)


Plaza Pavilion Restaurant (2018.07.27 UP DATE)
Pecos Bill Cafe (2018.04.15 UP DATE)
Hungry Bear Restaurant (2019.07.08 UP DATE)
Lucky Nugget Cafe (2015.07.26 UP DATE)

Critter Country

Grandma Sara's Kitchen (2019.09.28 UP DATE)
Rackety's Raccoon Saloon (2015.07.26 UP DATE)


Captain Hooks's Galley (2019.11.15 UP DATE)
Troubadour Tavern (2019.09.28 UP DATE)
Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall
Cleo's (2019.09.28 UP DATE)
Village Pastry (2019.06.08 UP DATE)


Daisy's Snack Wagon
Toontone Treats
Huey, Dewey and Louie's Good Time Cafe (2019.11.15 UP DATE)


Space Place FoodPort (2017.09.08 UP DATE)
Tommorowland Terrace (2019.09.28 UP DATE)
Plaza Restaurant (2016.08.11 UP DATE)
Soft Landing (2019.06.08 UP DATE)