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Part 4

Cool Cars!
Nice imagination to human from a car, the eye visor is good accent. The back style with the license plate and the tow hook is also so cute so cool!
"Sally Carrera", "Lightning McQueen" & "Mater" from "Cars"

This unit is brilliant for the liveliness of their expressions. They loved the Halloween event so much so they changed another themed costume in one day! I tip my hat to their enthusiasm.
"Horace", "Cruella de Vil", "Jasper" from "101 Dalmatians"

The point is, LOVE!
I love R2-D2, he loves R2-D2. We are happy! I can sense his love for the adorable stubborn droid from his angle and posing for this photo.
"R2-D2" from "Star Tours"

We've come to pick you up!
I was standing around gaping at the party for a while. The biggest unit, the most suitable for the Halloween. This party attracted many guest's attention by their elaboration. Madame Leota has covered by half crystal is awesome.
(back row, starting from left.) "The Duelists", "The pink parasol lady" (from the stretch chamber), "The Groom & Beating Heart Bride", "The Ball Room couples", and stanchion. (starting back row, second from left.)
(front row, starting from left) "The hiding ghoul with tombstone", "Madame Leota", "Constance" (from the stretch chamber) from "Haunted Mansion" the attraction.

Dress in matching outfits with mini Daffy!
I amazed her dress and the tiny Duffy's dress, of course all of them are handmade. Nice fluffy fur is also nice.
"Trixie" & "Henry" from "Country Bear Theater" (same as Country Bear Jamboree, but names as this)

Cheerful Combination!
Outstanding couple really enjoyed their dress up for the Halloween. He trimmed his beard carefully for this moment. Wow!
"Genie" & "Abu" from "Aladdin"

The Halloween is the best!
Nice choice that is just my kind of the minor character. They prepared the ink can and blush for making the Christmas present same as the film.
"Vampires" & "Oogie Boogie" from "Nightmare Before Christmas"

(cover their faces by their own request)
There are apparel shop the name is "Town Center Fashions" in TDL. This shop owned by Minnie Mouse as can be seen from the store window. They modeled their brilliant dress on those shop window. Their texture, color, style, everything full of their love and powers. They said that they brought the closeup pics of the shop window dress and looked for these materials. You are totally awesome!
"Minnie Mouse" & "Snow White" (dress as store window of "Town Center Fashions")

Kawaii Wall-E & EVE!
Do you know they re-enacted the scene that the Wall-E put the electric light as like necklace to EVE in the film? The LED lights and fire extinguisher bag is so nice.
"Wall-E" & "EVE" from "Wall-E"

Get the mischievous cats!
How very like their smile. They also elaborated a paw pads so I ask them to show me is nice pic.
"Si & Am" from "Lady and the Tramp"

The cheerful party from Peter Pan. Their Tick-Tock the Croc is also cute.
(Did you know this party is same as "Walrus" & "Carpenter" or "101 Dalmatians unit"?)
"Mr. Smee", "Wendy", "Captain Hook" from "Peter Pan"

Go to the moon of Endor!
The R2-D2 when I met in mid day came along with great friend! I didn't know their eye are lighting until dark. So so brilliant team!! If they sold the shouldered starspeader 3000 on e-bay or something, I definitely buy it!
(Did you know the guy he dressed as a RX-24 is same as "Tony Solaroni" ?)
"R2-D2" & "Captain RX-24" from "Star Tours"

I hope you enjoyed pics and feel the strong avidity for their Halloween costuming!
Every guests who disguised love the Disney film, attraction, character...everything Disney. However the OLC (owned and operated TDR.) had issued very complecated rules for the Halloween disguise.
I picked up two mainly confusing rules as below;

  1. Only can enjoy a disguise the character of the Disney film and the Disney park attraction.
  2. A disguise as a characters of the live-action film are not allowed. (except combining live-action with animation film.)
So, the character of "Captain Jack Sparrow" and "Barbossa" is O.K.
→ The above two characters appered in the attraction of the "Pirates of the Caribbean".

But the other character of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" the film like "Will Turner" and "Elizabeth Swann" is NO.
→ Because the live-action film. And they never appered in the attraction.

But the like "Prince Edward" from the "Enchanted" or "Eddie Valiant" from the "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" is OK.
→ Because the combie with animation film.

Don't you confuse do you? And there are no explanation of these prohibitation for the Disney Halloween in TDL.
Some guests who dressed Halloween costume said that received a verbal reprimand from the TDL cast, and a few guests leave off the costume bacause of the reprimand. From my view, those guests
seemed not to applicable completely the complex prohibited matter which set by TDL or OLC or either.
I'd like to say that such the no explanation rule may lead to deny the wonderful imagination of the guests. I hope that the next TDL Halloween event rule will be tolerant and clear for every guests who are looking forward to.

TDL Disney Halloween 2010 event was;
from 9-SEP-2010 to 31-OCT-2010

The permission term of Halloween disguise was;
from 9-SEP-2010 to 15-SEP-2010 & from 23-OCT-2010 to 31-OCT-2010

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