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In TDR, some of the counter-service restaurants serves the food with a tray.
The tray served restaurants are, in most cases,

  1. The Indoor facility restaurant.
  2. Except a buffet or table-service restaurant.
  3. The resraurant which have sponsor.
For example, the "Crystal Palace Restaurant" in Adventureland the restaurant had served with the tray when the restaurant was cafeteria-style. Now the it changed as a buffet restaurant, therefore the tray has gone forever.
The othere hand, the new tray has come since the "Sweetheart Cafe" in World Bazaar changed as a bakery from a table-service restaurant had offered some past dishes.

We imply the many information about the restaurant from these polycarbonate tray. Each and every tray is elaborated, so it is too fun to see it.
Please come and see it!