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Mediterranean Harbor

Cafe Portofino (2020.01.15 UPDATED)
Zambini Brother's Ristorante (2019.11.15 UPDATED)
Mamma Biscotti's Bakery (2020.01.15 UPDATED)
Gondolier Snacks (2020.01.15 UP DATE)
Refrescos (2016.08.11 UP DATE)

American Waterforn

The Teddy Roosevelt Lounge
New York Deli (2020.01.15 UPDATED)
Cape Cod Cook-Off (2020.01.26 UPDATED)
Happy Duffy Counter beside the Cape Cod Fire Department
Liberty Landing Diner (2020.01.15 UPDATED)
Duffy Wagon

Port Discovery

Horizon Bay Restaurant

Lost River Delta

Tropic Al's (2019.06.08 UP DATE)
Yucatan Base Camp Grill (2020.01.15 UPDATED)
Miguel's El Dorado Cantina (2020.01.15 UPDATED)

Arabian Coast

Casbah Food Court (2020.01.15 UPDATED)
Sultan's Oasis (2016.08.11 UP DATE)

Mermaid Lagoon

Sebastian's Calypso Kitchen (2019.09.28 UPDATED)

Mysterious Island

Vulcania Restaurant (2020.01.15 UP DATE)
Nautilus Galley (2016.05.08 UP DATE)
Refreshment Station