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If you want an information about Tokyo Disney Resort, please go to the official website.

Tokyo Disney Resort Official Website

Hello, everyone.
I'm a typical Japanese and am not very good at English.
However, I would like all Foreign Disney geeks to become familiar with Tokyo Disney Resort, so I have opened this site "uranezu.com".
I hope you enjoy my website.

This website has...
No Info, No Tips...but it's full of Disney Magic and Love.

Welcome to URANEZU.COM!!!

Please do not use uranezu pictures on other websites without permission.

--What's New!!--

Pick Up Obsessiveness > Food Sample at TDS (2019.02.11 UPDATED)

Memory of Collectables > Pins Gallery 2019 (2019.01.12 UPDATED)

Pick Up Obsessiveness > Food Sample at TDS (2018.12.22 UPDATED)

Pick Up Obsessiveness > Food Sample at TDL (2018.12.22 UPDATED)

Amazing Halloween Costume 2018 at TDS (2018.12.08 UPDATED)

--Park Now--

Feb. 20 2019 Pixar Playtime 2019.

Feb. 03 2019 TDL 35th Anniversary at TDS.

Jan. 26 2019 About Duffy's Heartwarming Days 2019.

Jan. 11 2019 About A New Year at TDR.

Dec. 22 2018 About TDS Christmas 2018.

--Restaurant Now--

TDL restaurant menu 2018.11.24 UPDATED

TDS restaurant menu 2018.11.24 UPDATED

If you have any questions, opinions and requests, please contact us.