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In this page, I'd like to introduce you my favorites menu in TDR. In the past 29 years, many my favorites are gone. Soft Serve Frozen Yogurt at "Soft Landing" in Tomorrowland, Kirin Melon (uncarbonated, just sweet vivid green beverage, but I loved it!) at "Hungry Bear Restaurant", Catfish with Mustard Sauce at "Plaza Pavilion Restaurant" in Westernland, Fruit au gratin at "Grandma Sara's Kitchen" in Critter Country, Gumbo Soup at "Great American Waffle Co.", Mickey shaped Fruit Pizza (Apple spread and cream cheese pizza) at "Huey, Dewey and Louie's Good Time Cafe" in Toontown, Apple and Gorgonzola cheese pizza at "Zambini Brother's Ristorante" in TDS and so on. I really miss the good old days. Anyway, some of my favorite still there!

Here are uranezu favorites. I hope this page will help you when you wonder what to eat.




¥ 280.

If you want to something warm, sweet, and satisfying snack, you should try a "PRETZEL FILLED with CREAM CHEESE".
The soft pretzel filled with sweet cream cheese. This delicately sweetened pretzels keep in warmer, therefore we enjoy the warm pretzel. It will makes you breathe sighs of relief.
(It's a winter seasonal menu.)

Daisy's Snack Wagon at Toontown.

A a mobile food stall of the sweet pretzel has debuted in TDL. It's uranezu power! (Sorry, just joking.)


Creamy Dressing
Buffet-service ¥2,800

To All Light Taster Lover. Do you feel every dressings of an eatery are too salty, too cheesy, too soy sauce? Are you still satisfied only eating salad with strong taste dressing though you can't taste natural taste of them? Do you want to enjoy a natural taste of vegetables? If yes, please try “Creamy Dressing” at “Crystal Palace Restaurant” the buffet-service restaurant.
The texture of dressing looks thick and strong-taste, however it's different from the looks. This dressing is very light and delicate salty taste. You can enjoy a harmony, vegetables and dressing!

I have prepared the new favorite thing as seen above, However, I had an unpleasant experience at this restaurant. Therefore, I couldn't recommend it anymore.
(One evening, When I lined at the restaurant to have a dinner, I bumped into a group which didn't respect a rule. They skipped the 7~8 guests who lined up in order, and they tried to enter. “Crystal Palace Restaurant” has no priority seating reservation system, so if you would like to eat at the restaurant, we just line up. A permanent cast member respond them, however she seemed to accept their pretense. They were not Japanese speaker, she might Moreover, I bumped into some not courtesy casts, it's more accurate to say that “unkindly” casts of the restaurant. I was very shocked that the awful experiences happened at once in TDL restaurant. Many casts are nice, but there is a possibility that something ungracious happens to you, therefore I couldn't recommend at the restaurant.)