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Picnic Area

Entrance ~ World Bazaar



Critter Country




Picnic Area

Located outside the main entrance on the left side, there are 2 water fountains.

Simple and clean, this white water fountain against a red brick and neat vegitation.


Entrance ~ World Bazaar

These water fountains are located the right side of the entrance. It's just unfathomable layout.

This area consist some guest service and merchandise shops, therefore only 1 water fountain.

Here are the first water fountains through the entrance. Matching white with World Bazaar exterior.



As you know, same as WDW, the Adventureland have many different kinds of building style. And so, like all variety of the buildings in this area, the water fountains are very lively.

1 water fountain at counter-service restaurant
3 water fountains in the queue line
5 out side water fountains

This water fountain is located inside of the "Crystal Palace Restaurant" the buffet restaurant. Once the restaurant had opened as a buffeteria restaurant, this water fountain seemed to be more highly appreciated than nowadays. Now, the water fountain was supplanted by a soft-drink vendor machine in the dining area which has installed when the restaurant renewal as a buffet.

This is at the counter-service restaurant "China Voyager". The background story is, the "China Voyager" ran by the Chinese chef's grandchild renovated the old boat house as the restaurant, his uncle or aunt worked as cook on the pirates ship.
The water comes looks like from a roof water tank (don't worry the water is actually drinkable tap water) and the water tank looks like the large deep pot converted into it. The character on the tank is "Mizu" means just "water".

The one of the scattered water fountains in Adventureland. There is a passageway another counter service restaurant "Boiler Room Bites" and the "China Voyager".
The big water fountain shapes buoy, and the small one is barrel both of them gives you tropical feeling.

From the queue line at the "Pirates of the Caribbean", this area build as the French Quarter style, pale green basis and white column like water fountain is very smart and elegant.

This one before the fragrant bath merchandise and cologne shop "La Petite parfumerie", located near "Blue Bayou Restaurant". Very plane and white is beautiful as much as vegetation.

This tropic water fountain is rear of the seating area of the "Boiler Room Bites" counter-service restaurant.
There are only one water fountain, therefore step stone sets for the small children.

Here are the fountains at the entrance at the "Western River Rail Road", adjacent to the "Jungle Cruise".
Water comes looks like from huge wooden tub with roughly zinc-roofing to two type of the African drums shaping water fountains.
(The last picture is props at the entrance of the "Jungle Cruise", it includes the motif drum which is the water fountain)

These water fountains are inside the queue at the "Jungle Cruise".The pair of logs like water fountain cover-up their handle with knag are nice.

This water fountain looks like as if made from parts of the shipwreck near the attraction "Swiss Family Tree House", rope is very accentual.



"Westernland" is equivalent for "Frontierland" in WDW, so the water fountains in this themed Land motifs barrels, wooden crate, studs, and many frontier like things.

6 water fountains at counter-service restaurant
4 water fountains in the queue line
8 out side water fountains

The inside water fountain from "Plaza Pavilion Restaurant" the caffeteria-service restaurant. This immaculate water fountain is well blend with the surroundings.

This wild water fountains are located back side of the "Big Thunder Mountain", inside the seating area of "Lucky Nugget Cafe" the counter-service restaurant.
And another one near the "Chuck Wagon" sell the popular smoked turkey leg.

These are the same shape ones above mention before the doc "Tom Sawyer Island Rafts" at Tom Sawyer Island.

Here are the another water fountains at the Tom Sawyer Island, from Fort Sam Clemens. There are the only place have an attractive sign board. Come and drink to check the water really cool as the sign.

You can find the nice combination of barrel & funnel water fountains before the entrance "Mark Twain Riverboat", and near the smoking area of the Westernland, and the before the "Diamond Horseshoe" the restaurant.

The water fountain in the waiting area of the "Mark Twain Riverboat". This white noble one against red brick wall with departure information board, and romantic atmosphere.

This one located near the create-your-own leather list band shop "Frontier Woodcraft", behind of the water fountain is the rail track of the "Western River Railroad".
And other one with big wheels at the right outside the "Big Thunder Mountain" exit.

This one is located at the outside seating area of the "Hungry Bear Restaurant" the counter-service restaurant. The water fountain is nearly same type of the barrel & funnel, however the whole structure like a well.
(In TDL, very crowd everyday. To take the nice picture, I couldn't avoid to go to the park in the heavy rain day. I like the rainy day! )

Another water fountain of the "Hungry Bear Restaurant" is in the counter-service restaurant. The trash can like water fountain inside seating area, the themed is jail. (it is very funny feeling that eating curry in the jail.)

This is the last one of the "Hungry Bear Restaurant" the counter-service restaurant. Very saloon like water fountain fit the seating area.

This is the first encounter water fountain in the queue line of the "Big Thunder Mountain". Very mine-like one set you a expectations for the adventure.

This water fountain in the queue line at the "Big Thunder Mountain". This crate shape is very natural coupled with the aging tools.

You bump into second water fountain is this pics. Same as crate shape but if you drink the water, you can see the great view through the window.

The new water fountain has debut in "Camp Woodchuck Kitchen" the renewal restaurant.

I love this lovely sign.

These crate water fountains are located in a path to Woodchuck Greeting Trail. The wonderful view of American River with a canoe adds a nice taste to water.


Critter Country

At TDL, there are themed land "Critter Country" where small animals from "Song of the South" homeland includes "Splash Mountain" & "Beaver Brothers Explorer Canoes", and some restaurants and shops.

2 water fountains at counter-service restaurant
4 water fountains in the queue line
3 out side water fountains

The first ones from "Critter Country" is adjacent to a lovely stone wall located before the "Splash Mountain".
You can see the "Western River Railroad" from this water fountain is nice view.

Here are the inside of the counter-service restaurant "Grandma Sara's Kitchen". This water fountains are located the second floor seating area of the restaurant. Country furniture-like is very fit for the cozy restaurant.

This one is the first floor water fountain of the restaurant. First floor is more cavernous. This rustic well shape is very attractive in the seating area.

This water fountains are located passageway to hinterland of "Critter Country", before the "Hoot & Holler Hideout" the shop. This passageway is tunnel of the "Splash Mountain", therefore cave-like is very fantastic.

The last water fountain in the "Critter Country" is located near the "Beaver Brothers Explorer Canoes". This log workmanship-like water fountain surround by verdant vegetation along the side of the "Western River Railroad".

Here are the queue line water fountains of "Splash Mountain". The top pic is the outside queue line of the Fastpass line, the wooden like table and stone built table water fountain is so adorable.
The second pic from the outside queue line of the stand-by line which combined rock and wood design is interesting. The last pic is the inside queue line of the attraction. Playful colored water fountain looks like handcrafted by the critters.

Another water fountain in the "Splash Mountain". This is located near the "Splash Down Photo" showing area. However the water fountain area is very dark, please look at it carefully.



Most of the entire the outside water fountain in Fantasyland is same shape, but there are many varieties of colors is enjoyable to see and find.

2 water fountains at counter-service restaurant
3 water fountains in the queue line
3 out side water fountains

This one is same design as the water fountain in "Westernland". The location is near the Snow White's wishing well that's why the design remind us the dwarf mine.

Two-toned column shaped is located side of the "Alice's Tea Party". Pale ivory and violet water fountain create an extra fantasy.

Here is the outside queue line at the "Pooh's Honey Hunt". There are two water fountains at this attraction. The first encounter fountain is a stubbed one. The one of them, the outside area makes flavor as English garden, The area this water fountain places is one of the arbor-shape, therefore it is very much fit for this.

This is another outside water fountain in the Fantasyland, near the "Village Pastry" the wagon sell stick pie stuff with seasonally changing flavor cream. I convince you can't help drop in this water fountain to drink a water.

Here comes a spooky water fountain from the "Haunted Mansion" outside queue line. The water fountain matching color same as the cold dark green stanchion pole all around it.

This water fountain is inside the counter-service restaurant "Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall". As the restaurant name, the restaurant themed "Alice in Wonderland", therefore seating area is elaborately themed built.

The beautifully designed water fountain is in Fantasyland. And enjoying to drink 4 people at once. If you bend lower to drink, you can know the Cinderella will be a princess.



Eye-catching buildings, full of humor, of course, the water fountains in the themed land are very individuals and merry.

1 water fountain in the queue line
2 out side water fountains

Very Chip'n Dale -lish water fountains are located side of the "Chip'n Dale's Treehouse" the walk through attraction. An acorn shell pans are so cute.

There are colorful combination water fountain near the "Huey, Dewey and Louie's Good Time Cafe" the counter-service restaurant. This water fountain remains me an auto mechanical office, but unfortunately I couldn't know exactly.

This tool like water fountain is located side at the rest room exterior is car repair shop. This simpleness is very favorable and fit into the exterior.

This fountain is lacated in seating area of the "Huey, Dewey and Louie's Good Time Cafe". Very toon-like, deformation column shaped is adorable.

The wonderful screw one is located in the queue line at "Gadget's Go Coaster". The queue and the roller-coaster course scatter many of Gadget's ingenuity substitutions from human products.



There are many water fountains in Tomorrowland. As you might guess, all of this land's water fountains are metallic, icy color, and simple figure. That's the Imagineer's chance to show their skill.

5 water fountains at counter-service restaurant
2 water fountains in the queue line
8 out side water fountains

The water fountain is located inside of "Tomorrowland Terrace" counter-service restaurant. Metallic with red floor tile gives you a cool atmosphere much for the future land.

There are most simply shape water fountains from three places in Tomorrowland. One is the stage left side of the "SHOWBASE" theater on "One Man's Dream Ⅱ -The Magic Lives On-", and another is right side of the theater. The last one is near the "Star Tours".
The water fountain shape is round itself, however only the half body popped out from the flowerbed wall is awesome design.

Here are the same shape water fountain from "Plaza Restaurant" counter-service restaurant. This water fountain is set back to back, high-low level.

This water fountain is located in seating area in the "Pan Galactic Pizza Port" counter-service restaurant. One is first floor's and the another is second floor's. This droid-like water fountain is one of my favorite water fountain, yes I am huge R2-D2 fan.

These are the common outside water fountains that we could see in Tomorrowland. Narrow oval base with stainless two pan looks like space mushrooms.

This water fountain back side of the exit stairway from "Star Tours". Blue cylinder like parts combine with gear shaped pan is stylish.

Here are the water fountains from the queue line of "Star Tours". There are two water fountains in the queue line floor that the guests enter in thet first. Plumber base with amazing oval shaped pan.

Plazma Ray’s Diner

This restaurant has renewal from "Plaza Restaurant" in 25 March 2017. So the above water fountain is also new design. But it's boring. Because, it's completely same design of another water server which is changed a different material and the color.