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Mysterious Island

Mediterranean Harbor

The sign is located near "Gondolier Snacks" the gelato counter. An entrance of "Venetian Gondolas" the attraction is also near the shop. It's a gondolier area!

These sign from inside of the "Galleria Disney" the merchandise shop in Mediterranean Harbor. Recently, the merchandise are almost of the Duffy Bear things same as the other shops is not interesting for me at all, however the interior decorating is as beautiful as ever.

The sign from Mediterranean Harbor which themed a southern European port town. The sign written "private" in Italian.

The sign from "Cafe Portofino" the buffeteria restaurant. The one side of the dining area renovated as part of the restaurant from a fishing net repairer, so the rusty sign shows us the situation. Italian "Padrone" means "Master".

The sign near the "Fortress Explorations" the walk-through attraction. The "S" symbol on the sign abbreviated form of "Society of Explorers and Adventurers".

The sign from "Zambini Brother's Ristorante" the counter-service restaurant. They ran a family business, wine and olive oil. We can find the grape tannin which stained the sign. I love this sign.

The sign from the "Figaro's Clothiers". The naming of this shop from "The Barber of Seville" the opera buffa.


American Waterfront

This pretty frosted window sign from “Cape Cod Cook-Off” the counter-service restaurant. This sign is located in an order counter area which themed on town hall of Cape Cod. It's very neat design, I like it.

The weathered plate from an outside queue line of “Tower of Terror”. The part of the outside queue designed the garden as an Indian theme. It's very beautiful sign but something creepy.
The elaborated decoration of the above the door is a cobra.

I wonder where the door admitting to.
There are so many mysterious in this attraction.

The clean pale green door from “Turtle Talk”. This attraction is located in S.S. Columbia. The stout iron door with a studs is very ship-like.

This wooden door with iron plate from inside of "Broadway Music Theatre". The excitement of a jazzy show, "Big Band Beat" has enjoyed a long run in the theater. So if you wait in front of this door, you may have the chance to meet the show performer. (But I have never seen them at the door.)

The sign from a queue line of the "DisneySea Electric Railway" the attraction that's why "conductors".

These sign are in the "Waterfront Park" in front of the "Tower of Terror". Each signs are nice choice of words to the park.

The sign from the smoking area in the American Waterfront, near the "Broadway Theatre". This place next to the under the elevated railway track, "DisneySea Electric Railway", therefore the sign says "Conductors Only".

The sign from "Tower of Terror" of TDS. Not only the rusty sign but also the door itself create the eerie atmosphere.

This sign from the "McDuck's Department Store" the merchandise shop in American Waterfront. The store run by Scrooge McDuck, however the store is so prosperous that he hired many human as a sales assistant, therefore not Duck going in and out of this entrance.

This sign from American Waterfront, the back door of the "Liberty Landing Dinner" serves sushi-roll, or other snacks.

This sign near the "Tower of Terror Memorabilia" the merchandise shop which is attached to the attraction. This area regarded as the NYC, therefore a sign on the wall stated "N.Y.C. Municipal Workers Only".

This sign from "New York Deli" the counter-service restaurant. This dining area themed prop shop.

This sign before the S.S. Columbia. It looks like it had been weathered away.

This sign from near the "Aunt Peg's Village Store" the merchandise shop. There are nice vegetable patch near the sign, it gives you the reality of villagers existence.

This sign from "Sailing Day Buffet" the restaurant. The restaurant's themed main cargo terminal for the S.S. Columbia, therefore the sign says "Dock Workers Only".

This sign from inside of the S.S. Columbia. The polished door and gold rim add a touch of class to the area.

This sign from outside deck of the S.S. Columbia.

It's really understandable sign from "Toy Story Mania!" the attraction in "Toyville Trolley Park".


Lost River Delta

This sign from the "Lost River Cookhouse" the smaked chichen counter. The sign's "COCINERO" Spanish means "cook" in English. I like this rustic plate.

This sign from around the exit area of the Indy's attraction include some merchandise shops. This attraction presented by Panasonic, there are the "Panasonic" logo in blue near the door. I think this door to the sponsor lounge or something.

These signs from "Miguel's El Dorado Cantina" the counter-service restaurant. The Spanish "Cocineros" means "cook". The official staff (not part-timer) didn't know what the sign written and even didn't care. What a pity!

These sign from "Raging Spirits" the roller coaster. The Spanish "iALTO" means "stop".

The sign from near the "Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull". It is so mysterious.

The sign from "Yucatan Base Camp Grill" the counter-service restaurant. This restaurant next to the Indy's attraction which themed the archaeological site.


Arabian Coast

The sign from queue line of the "Jasmine's Flying Carpets" the hottest attraction in Arabian Coast. Yes, PRINCESS Jasmine's carpets...

The sign from "Agrabah Marketplace" the merchandise shop. In this themed port, many signs include the vivid blue, the Genie color.

The sign from "Casbah Food Court" the counter-service restaurant.

The sign from near the "Caravan Carousel" the attraction. Beautiful decorated door is awesome.

This sign from "Sultan's Oasis" the snack counter. The peaked roof is characteristic.


Mermaid Lagoon

The sign from the "Ariel's Greeting Grotto", of the "Above-the-sea" outside area. The shell-shaped hanging sign and seaweed paintings, especially the starfishes are adorable.

The sign from the "Triton's Kingdom" the indoor facility. Nice trident decoration.

Another door with the sign from Mermaid Lagoon.


Mysterious Island

The heavy iron door from "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" exit passage. Most of the door has a plate, but this door is not. I like the caution indicated on the door directly.