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Jun. 24 2017 About A Rainy Park with a Beautiful Hydrangea.

Jun. 17 2017 About After Report of Easter Entertainments.

May 27 2017 About A Lucky Day: Disney Resort Line with Operator.

May 13 2017 About Finding a Remnant.

Apr. 30 2017 About Usatama the Eggny Hunting.

Apr. 26 2017 About Swimming Soon Video.

Apr. 22 2017 About TDS Easter & The Bunny.

Apr. 15 2017 About TDL Easter.

Apr. 08 2017 About Two New TDL Restaurnats.

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Jun. 24 2017 About A Rainy Park with a Beautiful Hydrangea.

Tell me about your calendar on your desk or on the wall. What kind of picture or photograph on the page of June?

In Japan, June is a rainy season.
It's not really easy to walk around park in the rain, but I bet you can find many rainy special things.

In the rain, you can take a photo like this. No guest in front of the Mickey flowerbed.

And especially, this is the best time for watching a hydrangea in the park. The raindrops and the flowers or leaves are so beautiful harmony.

The first amazing hydrangea is located in riverside of "Splash Mountain".

Next breathtaking hydrangea is near "Crystal Palace Restaurant".

This elegant hydrangea compare favorably with the white rose diva from "Alice in Wonderland"!

Not only the Victorian era restaurant, but also futuristic eatery has lovely hydrangea.

The shape of this petal (actually sepal, I think) fit to Tomorrowland.

Another lovely hydrangea is from Tomorrowland.

The pale blue flower and distant white "Jet Star" is perfect color of original Tomorrowland.

Of course, there are pretty hydrangeas in Fantasyland.

The vivid blue and pink flowers are from an outside queue area at "Pooh's Hunny Hunt".

There was a rainy day fun the special parade!

A mother duck and kids were also enjoying the rainy day.

We can also enjoy many hydrangeas in TDS.

A gray sky, but don't be sad! It's so splendid scenery with beautiful purple flowers with S.S. Colombia!

How was the beautiful and terror combination?

There are a lot of hydrangea in "Waterfront Park" which is in front of "Tower of Terror".

If you want to see hydrangea at one time, you have to go to "Mermaid Lagoon".

"You can learn a lot of things from the flowers. For especially, in the month of June."
-Golden Afternoon from Alice in Wonderland.

It's fascinated to stroll in a rainy park wasn't it?

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Jun. 17 2017 About After Report of Easter Entertainments.

A last topic of very long TDR Easter is the special parade and the show. I'd like to share with you first, "Usatama on the Run!" the special Easter parade from TDL.

The parade starts Fantasyland. More specifically, the floats come from a door next to "Haunted Mansion". (Do you think interesting that the famous spooky manor exist in Fantasyland?)

The official said, "Mickey Mouse and his Friends dressed as "Usatama Chasers" look for the "Usatama" characters hiding all over the Park."

You can find many devices and accessories to search usatama from their costumes.

Mickey's float has two enormous vacuum hands.

Two pity usatamas are sucked.

Many Disney rabbits on one this lovely egg flower forest float.

Thumper & Miss Bunny (couldn't take her photo) are on the backside of this float.

It's Br'er Rabbit!

Happy to see him! Ev'rything is satisfactual!


More ladies!

And here comes an enthusiastic catcher Donald.

June 9th is his birthday.

Happy Birthday Donald!

Buddy and Father & Son!

Here comes another buddy.

Their float is usatama wagon with full of usatamas.

This parade is also a debutant of Judy & Nick in TDR.

A counterpart entertainment in TDS is "Fashionable Easter" the special harbor show. The official said, "The Disney Friends gather with unique artists from various themed ports to put on a fun festival of color in Fashionable Easter".

In this show, Disney friends came in front of you on a large barge.

So many guests were waiting to see them.

Other popular pals are on the barge with Mickey & Minnie.

Dancing, posing, we can saw their lovely every action only can see at TDS!

So many characters came to celebrate TDS Easter.

As you can see the below,

It's really popular show.

The both parade and harbor show will be back! (I hope so!)

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May 27 2017. About A Lucky Day: Disney Resort Line with Operator.

Regularly, TDR monorail which is named Disney Resort Line is automated operation.

The above pic is the first car of the monorail.

One day, I bumped into a very rare car.

The crewed monorail!

Always the instrument panel was covered during normal operation.

Disney Resort Line is not for free even you have a park ticket or stayed Disney Ambassador Hotel.
I always save the fee is 260JPY per ride, and go to TDL or TDS by walk.
But I thought it's good to make an occasional treat to ride Disney Resort Line.

And another happy thing has happened in the monorail.
When the monorail stopped at TDL station, a man got on the car. I was riveted by his shirt. Many Disney Park's landmark architectures printed on his shirt, it's so nice design.
He told me that it's DL 50th anniversary special shirt. And surprisingly, it's only 100 pieces limited!
Also he gave me interesting feed backs of TDL & TDS. I was impressed that he has a pride of Disneyland the original and historical park.
I spent a short but very fancy moment.
If I had walked, not had used the monorail then, I would not have met him.

So why don't you take Disney Resort Line?

Not only enjoy the monorail ride, but also hunt Easter eggs until 14 June.

A cast member gave a cute egg shape map to Disney Resort Line guest at the ticket gate.

Search and find the mono egg in each station!

The reward is a lovely sticker after find four eggs locations.

TDL & TDS Easter and the free egg-hunt for Disney Resort Line guest will go on 14 June.

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May 13 2017 About Finding a Remnant.

I think you've already watched some sneak peek photos or movies of "Nemo & Friends SeaRider". The attraction went underway a soft opening for "PRESS" and some lucky lottery won guests until yesterday. I'm just ordinary person who don't have anything of privilege, so please wait for the report of it.

Yes, shiny metallic copper exterior remain a vivid memory.

May 12th is the official opening day, but today I'd like to tell a fort of last resort of "StormRider" the original attraction.

This is "Sky Watcher Souvenirs" the fun accessory wagon.

Look a t the beautiful coloring. The copper and gold are really same taste and match for the original area of "Port Discovery" which proudly had "StormRider".

If you walk from "Lost River Delta", the very attractive metallic wagon point out a beginning of "StormRider" adventure. (Now it's NOT!)

Otherwise after the mission and go to "Lost River Delta", the wagon tells you the adventure still continue. (Now it's NOT!)

There are many curious radars or dishes on the wagon.

Also there are interesting devices on the panel.

A vicious storm turns outward the roof.

We can see how the storm was intense. Yes, we need really StormRider which carry on a storm defuser.

Not only the main attraction building, but also many sub architectures support the theme. That's why I love strolling without attraction experience. Don't you think so?

This "CWC"mark is going to be a lost symbol.

"The Center for Weather Control" was the main building of "StormRider" attraction.

If you're memory of the original is fading, please come and look "Sky Watcher Souvenirs" (or get some items will be very welcome!), and remember how wonderful "StormRider" was.

So I do hope that keep remain “Sky Watcher Souvenirs” as it is, at this place.

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Apr. 30 2017 About Usatama the Eggny Hunting.

In shortly, 2017 Easter in TDL is Egg-Hunt is OUT, Usatama is IN.
"Usatama" is wired coined word which was made for TDL Easter.

The meaning came from "USAgi (bunny)" and "TAMAgo (egg)". In English, it's just like Eggny, isn't it?

Guests can enjoy finding scattered usatama all around the park for free, instead of Egg hunting in the last year.
The clue of usatama is inserted in TODAY the park information paper, so don’t forget pick TODAY at an entrance.

Reading from the usatama brochure, we have to find 5 usatamas for get a reward.
The rule is simple.

  1. Go to a usatama place.
  2. And find the usatama.
  3. Then find a letter of the usatama.
  4. Spelling the letters in order of the clue 1 to 5.
  5. Go to a related place which you derived the character from the clues.
Then you’ll find a usatama who has key of Easter that is the goal!

The five place of usatama are following;

"On the lawn near the castle, you'll see an usatama playing a game."

It7s a Cinderella Castle moat. And there is a…

Quiet please! He keeps aiming the cup during TDL Easter in June!

There is "G" on his caddy bag.

"One usatama is helping the Card Soldiers to paint the roses red."

The place is "Queen of Heart's Banquet Hall" the restaurant.

Usatama, do you really understand that your job is very risky than you thought! Be quick, and be careful!

We got "O" from the paint can.

"What is the ustama doing on the Rivers of America?"

This is the popular spot of every event character.

Snowgie also used the same location in winter.
It's little bit to see, but there is "O" on the floating tube.

"There's an usatama sitting on a bench eating popcorn!"

A popcorn wagon near "Crystal Palace Restaurant" in Adventureland.

I understood the usatama has mouth.

However that maybe, usatama, behavior!

Did you see upside down "F" on the popcorn case?

"Look for a chimney. The usatama is all dovered in black!"

Yes, something on the chimney at "Royal Street Veranda".

Yeah, it's great usatama in Step in Time!


Shall we go to a related place of these five letters?

Yes, usatamas are waiting for you.

In front of "GOOFY" 's house! (Goofy's Paint 'n' Play House.)

And we finally the Key of Easter!

So let's tell a cast member the place where you find the key.
Then the cast will give you a special sticker as a reward!


After usatama hunting in the park, we can enjoy another usatama at home.

A corner of the usatama map, there are some instruction of extra fun!

Cut two sides, and fold it a half.

Fold a slight a bottom of the triangle. And fold to follow the instruction of 3 and 4.

Then we can get own usatama.

I hope you enjoyed usatama hunt.
But I really miss Egg hunt!
How about you?

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Apr. 26 2017 About Swimming Soon Video.

An introduction video of "Nemo & Friends Searider" the newest attraction has just launched.

But I don't know why they not allowed our comment on this video? I'd like to know your comment who loves Disney parks. (or Do they afraid of an opinion of “StormRider” the original attraction lovers?)

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Apr. 22 2017 About TDS Easter & The Bunny.

I also start this sentence before I introduce TDS Easter, "TDR Easter event is very long than the real holiday".
Yes, in this year 2017 as usual the last year's, TDR take place about 2 and a half months Easter event until 14 June.

A main art of this special event place mat has launched. (This is my collectable item.)

I know this composition! "Sex and the City"! No? Oh, sorry.

As you can see Disney friends are walking a runway gracefully, a theme of TDS Easter in this year is "Fashionable Easter".

Let's start this familiar-looking Easter eggs in TDS.

A new character art work of the Easter hanged on a stone column. Each picture has design memo.

Minnie: Elegant chiffon swirls, Joy of Living in French as joie de vivre.
Daisy: Sharp lines.
Donald: Metal rivets.

Goofy: Mystic, Spectral, Unpredictable patterns.
Chip & Dale: Ocean style pearly pastels.

The most popular Dinsey couple eggs are set in front of "Emporio" the merchandise shop.

It's nice to see a lovely Easter addition with great scenery in front of "Zambini Brother's Ristorante".

Another popular couple eggs are located in front of a vineyard.

You can take an amazing photo of Mt. Prometheus with an adventurous duo egg.

Goofy egg is located in most great scenery place. There are panoramic view of Mediterranean Harbor to American Water Front.

The Easter eggs in Waterfront Park is featured each theme port.

The eggs are nothing changes in 2015 the last time Easter decoration though.

You can enjoy lots of various Easter egg photo opportunities.

I'll show you THE bunny...

Can you see something new money tree in the dark?

Yes, I'll introduce her.

This is StellaLou. She came up end of March 2017.

Duffy's new friend. Her dream is to become a dancer. What are your dreams?

Here is her story.

Left: One day, Duffy found a rabbit who is practicing dance.
Right: The girl named StellaLou. She said to Duffy; "My dream is to become a dancer."

Left: "A dream? Is it a thing while I am sleeping?" "A dream is also a wish that I mean to be."
Right: StellaLou was dancing again. "You are shining like a star." StellaLou felt a bit of her dream come true.

Her Dream is to become a dancer.

Yes, we understood.

So the debut greeting of StellaLou has started in TDS.

Mickey, you are hero. Thank you for facing my camera.

The merchandise includes (of course) the plush are sold at below "McDuck's Department Store", "Galleria Disney", and "Aunt Peg's Village Store".

If you get your StellaLou soft toy, you have to go to a red bridge in American Waterfront.

There is a special stage for her.

The stage is located end of bridge to Cape Cod.

It's the great view.

What are your dreams?

I want to be a billionaire! Because the StellaLou plush and her point shoes with tutu are sold separately! The soft toy is ¥3.900, and the accessory (the essential items for her dream!) is ¥1,600.

What are your dreams?

My website tech said "None of your business." to the poster.

I'd like to finish StellaLou's introduce with her ballet courtesy.

Don't forget me!!!!

Gelatoni the artist cat is appealing with his almighty jump.
He has become less popular (and the merchandise sales too, I think.) since StellaLou the latest character has come out of thin air.

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Apr. 15 2017 About TDL Easter.

I always start this sentence before introduce TDR Easter, "TDR Easter event is very long than the real holiday".
Yes, in this year 2017 as usual the last year's, TDR take place about 2 and a half months Easter event.

Before I start it, I'd like to show you a new essential character of the event.

This is "usatama".

"Usatama" is wired coined word which was made for TDL Easter. The meaning came from "usage (bunny)" and "tamago (egg)". In English, it’s just like "eggny", isn't it?

We can see usatama's story and character from each three big photo location.

It’s really drop-ship.

Usatama is coming from Easter egg machine with unexpected happening.

Free-willed usatama scattered around the park.

A photo spot at a hub is very curious.

Usatama use all kinds of tempting ways to get her attention.

Daisy's admirer is taking extreme action.

But usatama couldn't be Dopey. Sorry.

Some usatama think get Minnie's heart by some snacks.

This usatama want to share a drink with Minnie. If put a lid the juice cup on, can't put two straws into it, so usatama take the plastic lid and hold it aside.
What a perfect detail!

It's really great present! Very nice food samples indeed!

Are you really OK Mickey laughing with bunnies?

Donald looks really angry about this mess.

Another photo opportunity is another hustle and bustle of TDL Easter.

This is my favorite spring worm.

The below looks friendly to each other, but Max's visor has a gadget or a communicator which transmit from usatama find commander Mickey.

Usatama want to swap fluffy bunny headband. Smartness usatama!

Not only the mysterious new character usatama, there are lots of Disney pal eggs in the park.

Which park's Easter egg do you like? DL has "Egg-stravaganza" the Egg Hunt in this year, so nice!

And here are new character eggs in 2017.

Too colorful and amazing mural paint bury somehow Baloo and King Louie eggs.

From the ground Kaa is trying to hypnotize you.
This location was refurbished with big change from "Pacific Export" the merchandise store to "Jungle Carnival" the paid game arcade.

Enchanted Mother and son is a new visitor to TDL.

They sat at beautiful flowerbed in front of long refurbished "It's a Small World" for new Disney Friends adding.

If you look another angle, you’ll see the chip.

These lovely two in a lagoon is challenging work of the new eggs by OLC.

This location is a waterside of "China Voyager" the counter-service restaurant in Adventureland.

Let's take a break and have some fresh popcorn!

I can't resist to buy 2017 Easter popcorn bucket. We can buy this bucket in the both park, TDL & TDS. The price include popcorn is ¥2,300.
New and limited time popcorn flavor is BBQ!

Shall we stroll to looking for usatama in the park?

A curious usatama from World Bazaar.

I think it’s difficult to cut your profile.

Be careful to Western River Railroad!

The ladder side of the railroad is located back of Big Thunder Mountain.

They’re strolling same as us.

Hand in hand usatamas are walking in front of a construction wall in Tomorrowland.

She's just watching a new confectionaries same as me.

A window shopping usatama from "Pastry Palace" in World Bazaar.

This usatama loves "Colorado" vehicle.

You can see the usatama and nice cast member together!

Bowed cute usatama hide under a licorice candy ribbon.

She is located in the show window of "Wordl Bazaar Confectionary".

Oh, my… come and join us our table!

It's outside window of dining area at "Tomorrowland Terrace".


U.S.A.! from "Mark Twain Riverboat".

Oh, my, again! I'll treat you, usatama!

But I can't dine because I don't have reservation at "Eastside Cafe". All table-service restaurants only accept a guest who has "Priority Seating" the pre-reservation. Sorry, usatama.

And usatama and character egg.

Usatama, please don't sell them on ebay! Or you'll be sooo rich!

Most of usatama sneak peek an inside through the window from the outside. So I feel little bit sorry for them, the first glance is cute and funny though.
And another usatama seem never succeed in love. So I feel really sorry for them.

I hope that more happy situation usatama if they'll be back in next TDL Easter.

If you have any questions, opinions and requests, please contact us.

Apr. 08 2017 About Two New TDL Restaurnats.

Two counter-service restaurants in TDL were replaced in end of 2016 and very recently. One restaurant in Westernland, and another one is in Tomorrowland.
So today I'll introduce you these two new eateries straightforwardly.

"Camp Woodchuck Kitchen" has opened in 21 November 2016. This restaurant is located back of Big Thunder Mountain.

The huge wood slice is welcome you. "Camp Woodchuck Historic Marker" the plate on the log said; One day while hiking in the woods, a troop of Junior Woodchucks came upon a tree stump with this familiar symbol burned into it courtesy of a lightning strike. It was a sign- this is where the headquarters of the Junior Woodchucks of the World belongs!

Surprisingly, the thunder hit and made the small woodchuck on another tree.

Inside the dining building, there is warm and lodge-like dining area.

This is an upper floor.

A view from the balcony to downstairs dining area.

If you come close the grate, you can hear a fire cracking.

The same design lunch bag.

I know this silhouette, it's LIMBO the painfully sad horror action game! No? Oh, sorry.

A view from the first floor to a ceiling.

Also there are many woody chairs and tables to dine.

Inside the building, so much to see decoration and art works.

The awareness poster is not laughing matter to Bambi movie lover.

Let’ check the Council Fire.

It's nice atmosphere.

The grate in Latin is Scrooge's motto.

This restaurant is adjoining the meet & greets facility.

Enjoying a nice trail, then you can see a big hollow tree.

Through the log, you have to choice the way to Daisy or Donald.

Before rush to see Disney pal, please stop and see around.

Hmm, we may be able to see a special bird.

Look! Up above!

It's a dessert time!

The above is "Chocolate Brownie, S'More Style", ¥400.

And if you are interested in more menu at "Camp Woodchuck Kitchen", click here.

The former eatery with show stage was named "Lucky Nugget Cafe" the wild but cozy restaurant. Also my memory of "Lucky Nugget Cafe" is last lifetime.

Another new counter-service restaurant "Plazma Ray's Diner" has opened on 25 March. It's really brand-new.

The below pink alien, named Plazma Ray is the owner of this chain eatery in a galaxy.

Is he (or she?) some relative of Sonny Eclipse at Cosmic Ray?

Basically, the dining area is not big changed from "Plaza Restaurant" the former diner.

But colorful and solidly made plastic chairs are nice.

I love a cubicle design of this restaurant.

The regular hexahedron is crumbling little by little…then it remains just a lozenge.

The same as column design.

It perfect match to the modern diner in Tomorrowland.

There are many art poster in the building.

So, I share with you some of the mischiefs.

The below “Dine In or Fly Thru” poster has…

Stitch & Dumbo!


Undesirable vendor machine in Tomorrowland!

This "Serves UP" picture has

Starspeeder 1000 is parked. If the vehicle is 3000, I'll give you perfect score.

The "Booster" art has

V.I.N.CENT and Maximilian from "The Black Hole"!

We can meet famous family from Tomorrow.

The characteristic hairy style must be Wilbur and Lewis!

Of course this "Wish Upon A Star" poster has

Yes, Jiminy Cricket on the space ship.

It's a dessert time again!

It's a "Yogurt Mousse Cake", ¥380. The yogurt dome holds mango. The mousse is very simple taste, but the mysterious blue sauce with tiny argent and star chocolate is sweet, so balance is quite good.

And if you are interested in more menu at "Plazma Ray's Diner", click here..

There are pressed coin machine in front of the casher register. (Actually use just a metal because of Japan law.)

Mochi! I love you!