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Mar. 30 2016 about She's Gone, They're Stay.

Feb. 28 2016 about A Special Duffy Monorail.

Feb. 19 2016 about A showstopper on your table.

Feb. 07 2016 about Sweet Duffy 2016.

Jan. 23 2016 about Frozen Fever 2016.

Jan. 04 2016 about Happy New Year from TDR.

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Mar. 30 2016 about She's Gone, They're Stay.

She's gone.

TDL winter special event, "Anna and Elsa's Frozen Fantasy" was finished. This event started on January 12 to March 18.

But they're stay.

The above special Monorail which inside is decorated all Duffy-things only run during "Sweet Duffy" the special event in first announcement. This TDS special event was end on March 18. But, a schedule of the Monorail was changed officially, it keep going until August 7.

And cherry Blossom is fully in bloom.

Hotel Miracosta's sakura trees signal the arrival of spring!

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Feb. 28 2016 about A Special Duffy Monorail.

Today’s topic is not very me, but I happened to be on a special monorail, so I'd like to share with you how kawai (cute) it was!
There is one special decor monorail during Sweet Duffy the special event at TDS. This Duffy mono is now operating among other normal monorails.


First big impact is the special characteristic strap hang. It’s a spectacular sight that every strap is changed to the familiar looking.

Gelatoni the new Duffy's friend strap also put on his characteristic blue-green beret.

There is also Duffy strap zone. Duffy's is most simple of all.

ShellieMay has a cotton ribbon of her.

Inside the monorail, each car is divided by each character; Duffy, ShellieMay, and Gelatoni.

Fur Seat!
Most Japanese coach (not only TDR monorail) seat is stuffed and covered with a fabric, not like hard plastic seat in other country. During this event, the all seats of this special Duffy monorail is changed and use the very same textile of Duffy, ShellieMay, or Gelatoni.

Every guests sat, then stroked the fur. Or stroked before they sat!

It’s really gorgeous fur seat.


There are some showcases in the train wall.

We can see them with special costumes which are sold at TDS. Each costume (exclude bear or cat soft toy!) is each 4800JPY!

Sit a moment at cuddly seat!

When you choose a wall-side seat, it's chance to sit next to Gelatoni.

There are also Duffy and ShellieMay.

Some small seat is Courtesy Seat.

The wall side seat Gelatoni has another different design.

We can see same Gelatoni at the last car of the monorail.

The monorail in TDR called Diseny Resort Line, the single ticket is 260JPY for adult, 1Day-pass is 650JPY.

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Feb. 19 2016 about A showstopper on your table.

Today I’d like to introduce a special entertainer for you. Yes, he can sing, he can dance, but today’s MC more from a culinary cabaret, than from a culinary musical theater. (not theatRE!)
Lumiere have entertained Bell...And during this season, Olaf invite you to relax, let us pull up a chair as the TDL dining group proudly presents, your dinner!

First course, Olaf is served as a Buttered Rice with Backed Chicken. His familiar head shape rice topped with his nose baby carrot and thin pretzels as his three twigs hair.
We can enjoy this Olaf at "Grandma Sara's Kitchen" in Critter Country.
The menu is 2016 Anna and Elsa's Frozen Fantasy special set as 1,580JPY include as follows; Backed Chicken with Cream Sauce Buttered Rice, Mini Salad, Strawberry Mousse Roll Cake, Choice of Beverage.

Another amuse (the menu is not amuse bouche acutually, it's entree) is Olaf's Meat Patty. Melting Olaf's cheese-white sauce over a meat patty with his nose baby carrot and added his one eryngii mushroom arm. I like pretty and tasty sliced olives buttons.
We can taste it at "Plaza Pavilion Restaurant" in Wesernland.
The menu is 2016 Anna and Elsa's Frozen Fantasy special set as 1,940JPY include as follows; Cream of Cauliflower Soup, Meat Patty with Cheese White Sauce, Bread or Rice, Yogurt Mousse, Choice of Beverage.

Next dish for you is so Olaf. In this time, he has eyes and mouth with a cute big teeth. But he is served as he was chopped his boddy! But don't worry, he said "I don't have a skull ....or bones.", so let's enjoy an each part of him freely. His head is filled with coconut flavoered cream instead of skull, and bodies are filled with each white chocolate, and summer orange flavoered cream instead of bones.
We can grab this Olaf at "Grandma Sara's Kitchen", "Plaza Restaurant" in Tomorrowland, "Sweethear Cafe" in World Bazaar.
The menu is 2016 Anna and Elsa's Frozen Fantasy special menu with a Souvenir Plate as 820JPY.

The finale is a dissolved Olaf chowder. It's barely distinguishable his nose carrot and thin pretzels as his three twigs hair in his soup. He contained a chicken and shirimp, or Salmon and Baby Scallop. Each liquied Olaf is wrapped with his white bread cone skin.
The left picture is chicken and shrimp chowder, ant the right one is Salmon trout and Baby Scallop chowder.

The left picture is chicken and shrimp chowder, ant the right one is Salmon trout and Baby Scallop chowder.
We can get this completely melted Olaf at "The Gazego" in Adventureland.
The menu is 2016 Anna and Elsa's Frozen Fantasy Special Menu; Chicken and Shrimp Chowder as 500JPY.
Or another taste at "Cafe Orleans" in Adventureland.
The menu is 2016 Anna and Elsa's Frozen Fantasy Special Menu; Bread Cone (Salmon trout and Baby Scallop Chowder) as 500JPY.

-"Olaf, you're melting."-
He really entertained at the risk of losing his life for our fantastic dine!
-"Some people are worth melting for."-
Oh, thank you Olaf!!

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Feb. 07 2016 about Sweet Duffy 2016

TDL is blowing an intensive frozen wind now. On the contrary, everywhere in TDS filled with Duffy (of course, ShellieMay and Gelatoni the cat) in this season. It’s called “Sweet Duffy” the valentine’s day related event.

Bouquet of Love…

We can see special Duffy decoration mainly in American Waterfront during the limited-time-only event.
So let’s take a look from New York Deli the counter-service restaurant.

A printing technology has improved tremendously, there are many cute (limited-time-only) Duffy arts on the window.

Inside of the restaurant also lots of special Duffy-things, include a place mat, and chair cover in the dining room.

Don’t miss the lovely garland too.

More Duffy Duffy Duffy at the outside dining area.

Not only the table, the seat cover is also special.

The view from a street to these outside dining area.

If you want to see various costume of Duffy, ShellieMay or Gelatoni, you have to dine at this outside dining area.
There are a special photo location for guest who loves Duffy and friends. This place has a decorated chair for you and your Duffy.

And also we can see 2016 special Sweet Duffy story at there.

1. Left: I found all kinds of sweets overseas! And I learned how to make some.

2. Right: These look yummy! Never saw anything like them before.

3. Lift: Thanks, Gelatoni! Wonder what it tasted like?

4. Right: Let's all eat together! Have a cupcake, too! Thank you, Duffy!

There are still remain a small amount of normal table for dine, so you can eat special menu and see many guests with their Duffy to take a photo at this location.

Two years ago and the last year, I mentioned about the forks at the photo location, then in this year, the forks are gone.
I looked forward to see the forks, so very sad for me, but it’s no problem for Duffy. They are just bear, so they’ll able to eat without any silverware. It's really piece of cake!

Let's quick check about the fork!

A part of American Waterfront, the small but peaceful port town was now changed to home town of Duffy, so we can’t avoid there.

There are quite big decoration for photo at inside of the Cape Cod Cook Restaurant.

In this year, I think they didn't prepare any cutlery which I mentioned above, but they already used it!

And finally we found a truth.

Duffy and Gelatoni are left-handed! (they might be a regular customer of "The Leftorium".)
Let's cool down at the outside dining area.

These are also decorated with special chair cover.

And a hot cup sleeve is going to be a popular regional goodies at the port town. But it’s not usual hot cup sleeve. It’s made of same material of Duffy.

Here is an incredibly and surprising news about this sleeve for you.

The price is tea is 380JPY, with the Duffy sleeve is 900JPY, and the queue line to buy it about 240 minutes in a couple of days after the launching day!!

And we can enjoy more special Duffy decoration at Waterfront Park which is located in front of Tower of Terror.

Not only a special repainted benches and some mysterious wagon.

Sugar from Hawaii, flour from Massachusetts, for…


Prepared the background story properly, so can set a snack hut no question asked!

But I know the wagon was put very very recently after the snack booth had appeared. That's why so far to the wagon and snack counter.

And more more special Duffy decorations!


Heart sign board at water fountain.

Chocolate-like bejeweled flower wreath.

In this year, we can see many Gelatoni things in TDS park.

If you're lucky, you'll able to see walking...

By the way, Gelatoni join Disney friends.

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Jan. 23 2016 about Frozen Fever 2016.

Frozen themed special event came back again to TDL. In this year, "Anna and Elsa's Frozen Fantasy" brought back completely new special parade. So the cold never bothered us anyway!

When you stepped into World Bazaar, you'll be overwhelmed by a beauty of Elsa's crustallized ice palace.

There are many LED lights on the pillar banner in this year, so a sight of twinkling lights to the main ice chandelier is more beautiful at night.

We can see how the two sister's background was changed from the last year through a display window at "Emporium" the merchandise shop.

They stay together in same window in this year which was different from the last year's show window.
This year's Olaf is with lots of snowgies.

And another shot show us a time has changed.

The last year's same place was covered all snow flake drapes. In this year is more merrily decoration with beautiful ribbons and flowers. It's likespring-ish atmosphere. These decorations evoke us "Frozen Fever".

I always post the photo location at the hub in every special event. Before "Once Upon A Time" the projection mapping castle show, there were main decoration for great photo opportunity in front of the Cinderella Castle. But now they're gone because they will be an obstacle of the show. But in this time, the center photo location is coming back. They never blocked guest's view.

Yes, it's you! Lovable Trolls!!

They're so cute and I really happy to see someone in the center flowerbed.

And as usual, there are wonderful decorations at a both side of the hub.

Sven with an Ice-Master-and-Delivere medal and rewarded the latest model sled. It's just Sven and sled. Sven is cute, and the sled are pretty as same as the last scene of the film, but I can't feel anything about a special story from this decoration.


I thought Olaf in catacombs for a moment against the sun.

Single snowgie is cute. They're playing hide & seek in park wide during this special event.

But it's time to "Frozen Fantasy Parade" time!

The first float is a sled with Anna and Kristoff. The sled which down a snow covered hill load a lots of carrots. I really love this dynamic float.

But one thing I want to say, if they use the new sled on the parade, why did they forget the queen's order medal for Sven?

Every moment, cheerful Anna and shy Kristoff is fun to watch.

The second is Troll's dwell mossy float.

The top troll, Bulda and second troll, Cliff are same system as Dopey and Bashful from "Happiness is Hear" the day parade at TDL.

A costume of dancers in this float are so cute, mossy cape and hat with various green irregular hem skirt.

The third is Olaf's In Summer float.

The half of the float covered with snow and snowgies, and the half is in summer.

Look at the red circle, there are chorus seagulls!

The forth is Elsa's frozen fountain float.

Not bad float design, but I think the iced fountain looked little bit cheap. I think tinsel the part of the frozen water need to change something like more crystal clear, like acrylic material.

The last is Marshmallow float.

Thu punchline is trapped Hans. It's very funny and unique.

Hans came to a parade route in an icicle cage on the flat. But when all floats stop for a mini show time, he get off and greet on a ground level for a while. The below picture is empty cage after he went out to guests.

After that, he back to the ice cage by preference.

Then a guard hook up his safety carabiner.

So here he goes to next stop!

I'm hungry after snowball fight with Prince Hans.
Luckily, I could catch one snowgies to fill me up.

Each part filled with different flavors. So this snowgie consists from 4 parts, so we can enjoy 4 different flavors!

The head filled with Meat Sauce, and the body is Salmon Cream.

The left leg is strawberry cream, and right is sweet purple potato cream.
Snowgie Bun for 500JPY at Boiler Room Bites.

After finish your snack, let's start to find a snowgies in the park.

Did you see two snowgies?

They rest on a sign at Cosmic Encounter the merchandise kiosk.

The area between Westernland and Adventureland.

Be careful to drop a basin!

I think they love cheerful place, so they might be play around here.

Here they are!

They camouflage with an exterior wall of Star Tours.

The two snowgies sit on a rock near entrance of Showbase the Tomorrowland theater.

They really scattered over the park.

This sun-worshiper is in front of Crystal Palace Restaurant.

They hide everywhere really.

Do they wait an audition for Country Bear Band?

Guests love to take a picture with Tiki gods, snowgies are same!


And don't forget take a picture with Olaf and Saffron Crocus flower!

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Jan. 04 2016 about Happy New Year from TDR.

Welcome back, it's great feeling to start 2016 with you!
TDL and TDS the both parks keep Japanese traditional New Year decorations until 7th January.

The left sentence shows "Happy New Year" in Japanese, but there are some joke about monkey. In this year, 2016 Chinese zodiac is monkey, so the sign actually saying the very last word that "zaru" which sounds same "monkey" (saru or zaru) in Japanese.
The right sign says "Wish you an excited New Year." in Japanese. Usually, we write "ウキウキuki uki" as "excited", but picture is "ウッキウッキukki ukki". This is an onomatopoeia of monkey.

And there are "Kadomatsu" the Japanese traditional gate decorations.

Yes, it's your year, King Louie! It's very gorgeous golden monkeys in the decoration.

And we can enjoy to see Kimono Disney friends at “New Year's Greeting” for a limited time only mini parade.

Donald & Daisy come to the hub on the "LiMOUSzine".
It's really cute Minnie in a pink Kimono and cool Mickey in a blue Haori Hakama.

So let's check TDS New Year Greeting.

It's very modern taste and stylish "Kadomatsu" decorations at TDS.

The Abu's design are little bit different left Kadomatsu and right one.

Here is a "New Year's Greeting" at TDS. Why so blur?

Because, they are so far!

But I hope you'll feel the nice New Year's atmosphere.

I wish you A Happy New Year!!

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