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MAR. 31. 2011 about Ready for the reopening

MAR. 07. 2011 about Park with Snow

FEB. 13. 2011 about Duffy and Rehab

JAN. 24. 2011 about the Opening day of "Mickey's Philhar Magic"

MAR. 31. 2011 about Ready for the Reopening

Asahi newspaper reported that the Tokyo Disney Resort could partial reopen as soon as April 6, after it was closed following the March 11 earthquake.

I gathered some information about the park and the notice which was officially announced.

The first notice

This screen shot was the very first notice of the official website after the earthquake. The notice had just appeared on the normal website, and there were only a Japanese one. The notice said, "Announcement from Tokyo Disney Resort. [Notice of the tomorrow's park operation affected by today's earthquake.] With the earthquake occurred today, we decided to postpone the operation of March 12. 2011. and the facilities to perform the inspection work. Also the park operation after March 13. 2011 is unknown at this time. There has not confirmed that the both of the guests and the cast members got indured at the moment of 6:30pm."

The current English notice

Please see below the officially park pictures and information.

official park pics 20110328_01.pdf

The PDF with English.

official park pics English#01

official park pics English#02

Below is current TV commercial.

The first caption : We extends our most sincere sympathy to all those affected by the earthquake.

The Narration : To see your smile, Tokyo Disney Resort now temporarily closed and we are preparing to welcome you. -The place where dreams come true-Tokyo Disney Resort.

The end caption : More information, please visit Tokyo Disney Resort official website.

Asahi newspaper reported that the Tokyo Disney Resort could partial reopen as soon as April 6, after it was closed following the March 11 earthquake.
Asahi newspaper also said that the park close will be 6pm. (Generally, the park close 10pm.) And in the daytime, the facilities will save on electricity to cut the use of the air conditioner which aimed at saving about 30% of the total parks power consumption. The total electricity in TDL and TDS is 570000 kilowatts per day which is equivalent to about 59000 households. In addition to the power supply still not stabilized, however OLC will try to reopen. They reflect strong demands of many travel agencies.
Oriental Land said no decision had been made on when to re-open the TDL and TDS. However the rumor has it that the reopening day is April 6 will be anounced soon.

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MAR. 07. 2011 about Park with Snow

On the morning of March 7, it started to snow. It snowed for about 5 hours. I could take a quite romantic pictures in the parks which were covered with snow. I hope you enjoy it.

Before the TDL entrance, there are a Disney character statues along the pathway from the Maihama station. (Maihama station is the name of the nearest station of TDR.)

Goofy wonders the snow is unusual for this spring season.

White Rabbit can not check the time on his pocket watch due to the snow.

Tink seems to cope with snow.

Bacchus & Jacchus should finish the party or they will be drunk and incapable, then die of cold.

Here is the inside of the Tokyo Disneyland Park, the Mickey shape flowerbed fully covered with snow is amazing.

Turn to look toward the entrance, we could see the snowy Disneyland Hotel.

The picture from the World Bazaar. In the TDL, the alternative of Main Street, U.S.A covered by a glass roof. The roof always let in the sunlight gently, however today, when you look up at the glass roof, you can see a fall of snow.

It's so amazing, isn't it? It's a real "Cinderella's Holiday Wish"!

Here are the three mountain's pictures. Every outside attractions canceled due to the snow.

Tom Sawyer Island is an enormously appealing on such a snowy day, however the Rafts to the Island stopped due to this weather.

A small presents from cast members...

The snowmickey from the left picture was made by a cast member of the "Beaver Brothers Explorer Canoes". And the right picture's on the trash box was made by the "Splash Mountain" cast members.

When I arrived the TDS after the photo shoot in TDL, the snow had fallen more gently, and had turned to rain. The snow washed away by the rain. Here are the pictures of TDS with snow.

A small presents from cast members in TDS...

Awesome the snowmarie, the snowdonald, and the snowstitch which were made by the gondoliers of the "Venetian Gondolas" the attraction.

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FEB. 13. 2011 about Duffy and Rehab

In Japan, the period spanning January through March is off-season, take this opportunity to rehab anything and everything of the park. Here are the Rehab information.

2011/1/4-3/25Swiss Family Treehouse
2011/1/11-4/1Gadget's Go Coaster
2011/1/11-3/18Peter Pan's Fligh
2011/1/11-3/1Snow White's Adventure
2011/1/26-2/10Big Thunder Mountain
2011/2/14-3/4Splash Mountain
2011/1/6-2/18Pecos Goofy's Frontier Revue
2011/1/6-2/18Mickey & Minnie's Polynesian Paradise
2011/1/6-2/18Fresh Fruit Oasis
2011/1/10-2/4The Canteen
2011/1/11-4/15Captain Hook's Galley
2011/1/11-4/15Troubadour Tavern

2011/1/5-2/2DisneySea Electric Railway
2011/1/24-1/31Flounder's Flying Fish Coaster
2011/2/1-2/10Jumpin' Jellyfish
2011/2/14-3/4Sindbad's Storybook Voyage
2011/7/2-7/15Mystic Rhythms
2011/1/12-2/9Gondolier Snacks

Very cold weather and not full conditions, however we can casual stroll through the park and can enjoy the different park than usual.

It is an unusual picture that the mast of the S.S. Columbia under repair.

Do you find which part is under repair? The picture from Arabian Coast.

The answer is the Minaret. Normally, the beautiful minaret there, during the repair its covered by a print sheet.

In the off-season, TDS hammer out effective measures against the low attendance. It is "Sweet Duffy". The season event "Sweet Duffy" started from JAN. 21. 2011 to MAR. 14. 2011 includes special decoration as a cafe of the "Cape Cod Cook-Off" the restaurant, special goods, and Duffy and ShellieMay greeting.

At the "Cape Cod Cook-Off" the counter-service restaurant, guests enjoy the special desert with souvenir.
Berry Jelly on Cheese Mousse with Souvenir Cup JP600yen.
Strawberry Marble Muffin with Souvenir Plate JP700yen.

The half of the seating area of the restaurant decorates the theme of the Duffy and ShelliMay. This area was fire department for the village as usual. There are a lovely photo spot, Duffy & ShellieMay in the basket.

And there are the framed story art of the "Sweet Duffy" on the wall.
"The sweetest season of all has come to Cape Cod again this year."
"One day Minnie was making chocolate. Duffy and ShellieMay tried their best to help."
"This is for you, Mickey, said Minnie. Mickey looked very happy. And that made Duffy and Shellie May happy too."
"Duffy wanted all their friends to share in the delicious and happy time. And ShellieMay was happy to share with Duffy."

Here are the inside seating area as the special decoration of the restaurant.

Outside seating area also wonderful decor.

Near the spring, we really enjoy the vegetation and flowerbed.

The above pictures of the "Aunt Peg's Village Store" the merchandise shop. Sometimes there are the queue line to enter and buy the special goods of this Duffy's event.
The special goods are also sold at "Galleria Disney" in Mediterranean Harbor, and "McDuck's Department Store" in American Waterfront.

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JAN. 24. 2011 about the Opening day of "Mickey's Philhar Magic"

On JAN. 24, the "Mickey's Philhar Magic" has opened in TDL. The attraction conducted large-scale renovation from "Mickey Mouse Revue" the theater to the "Mickey's Philhar Magic" and "Harmony Fair" the merchandise shop attached to this attraction. The total construction cost was about $73M.

"Mickey's Philhar Magic" has no Fast Pass, the average waiting time on the first day is about 50 minutes! There are no English and Chinese translation system, the show is only Japanese. The capacity is 454.

The main show completely same as the attraction in other parks. No additional effects, but I thought the scent of the cranberry and pie in the "Be Our Guest" scene is little bit stronger than other parks.
Before the main show, there are 4 art works of Disney animation in the waiting area. They are the "Peter Pan", the "Beauty and the Beast", and the "Aladdin". The inside of the art work, there are the key character of these each animation, the character do not have face expression on purpose which tickle the guest's imagination.

"Mickey's Philhar Magic" is familiar attraction in other park, and it was very sad that the closing of the marvelous "Mickey Mouse Revue", however TDL fills warm and welcoming atmosphere for "Mickey's Philhar Magic" as a brand new attraction.
After the show, there was a great welcoming applause.

All things "Mickey's Philhar Magic"!

The new event, show, and the attraction has began, the new themed bucket has launched. In this time, here comes the "punch line"-bucket!

The bucket include the strap is 1,500 yen.

The opening pin.

In World Bazaar, at "The Disney Ga rally", there are Disney character drawing classes (Japanese language only) for a fee. Starting from today JAN. 24, the new class for drawing of a "Sorcerer Mickey" with color. The cast says that this class for a advance than other class like a normal, full-faced Mickey. Why don't you try it?
The fee is 1,000 yen per person for 50 minutes class. (include plastic case for your picture and pencils)

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