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Types of popcorn container

There are 2 types of popcorn container in TDR just like as WDW. It is a paper box and plastic bucket. The paper cup is now ¥300, the bucket which is called “souvenir bucket” in TDR is about ¥1500. (the price depends the shapes.) Regularly, there are a few kinds of buckets each park you can get. In addition, the bucket changes by the seasonal events as follows; Winter to spring event ( Jan. - Mar. ), summer event ( Jul. - Aug. ), Halloween ( Sept. ? Oct. ), Christmas( Nov. ? Dec. ). As recently as a few years ago, the popcorn bucket also launch by every TDR opening anniversary, but no more anniversary bucket. Therefore, you can get many patters buckets during one year.
The seasonal changing bucket there are the events name, date, and of course the year is printed on it, therefore these are make good ones to collect.

Bucket’ s strap

The price contains the strap for the bucket. (exclusive the Duffy’s bucket as below mentioned.) When you think about transportation, the bucket with the strap is more convenient than only itself. (At least, the OLC would thought that's the way is good.) It is the good way to be empty-handed if you shoulder it. You can buy more and hold the snacks or drinks in your hand easily.
Here is a old story, a few years ago, the strap pattern had not changed so often with the bucket pattern. Almost all the straps' patterns tend to be designed useful for many seasons. In extreme cases, you had might see the new design bucket with the strap which launched at least a year used to see so often. Therefore we could saved some money without the strap, just only said; “no strap please!”.
However, back to present, the strap pattern problem has cleared, and now the strap completely stuck with the bucket. (exclusive Duffy’s popcorn bucket as below mention.)

Flavor of popcorn

The Salt and the caramel are familiar the flavor at WDW. These are the common flavors in TDR and TDS too, however, various other popcorn flavors you can find in TDR. The caramel flavor remains perennial favorites in Japan, also many other flavors sold in TDR too.
At the present, these flavors you can taste in each park.
TDL: caramel, salt, chocolate, curry, honey, soy sauce with butter
TDS: caramel, salt, chocolate, curry, black paper, strawberry, milk tea

No longer available flavor
TDL: cream soda
TDS: sea salt, cappuccino

Small talk about my first bucket

In today’s TDR, the popcorn bucket is very common thing now. But when I saw the popcorn bucket in the magic kingdom on my first trip to WDW in 1996, I was very surprised. In Japan, at that time popcorn had sold in a paper box only. What a culture shock!! I was very impressed by the popcorn bucket. No soggy, No nothing about to care to ride the attractions, and I can eat a lot! The best thing I like is the cap of the bucket which has a tiny hook when the bucket opens, and also cap can be hooked on the side of the handle. This bucket remains me the wonderful WDW days. A long time has passed since I watched the bucket at WDW.
The time has come in 1998 at TDL. TDL launched a massive 15th anniversary event in 1998. The first memorable popcorn bucket launched at TDL in this year. The bucket’s cap and handle are red, and the body is half-transparent with the 15th theme costumes of Mickey printed on is completely same as WDW, in fact, there are same mark of WHIRLEY on the bottom. (and now, TDR's popcorn bucket are made by other company changed from the WHIRLEY.)

Shape of Bucket

Few years later, the bucket has developed proprietary in Japan. The shape, the strap, and the cap of course the manufacturer itself are different from the original. First, I talk about the Japanese bucket’s cap. The original bucket and the cap is separate. The cap has a tiny hook so, it can be hooked on bucket handles side. On the other hand, the Japanese bucket cap can be hinged together the bucket body. It is very Japanese way of invention isn’t it? In my opinion, I like the original cap more than the Japanese cap. The Japanese cap is convenient to open and close often. But I like simple the way like the original American bucket.

The shape of bucket has more variations in TDR. A short time later after the first popcorn bucket had launched, the hinge-lid popcorn bucket launched, and the strap for bucket had begun to sell since then. Next, the half flat shape bucket launched. Most guest bought the strap with the bucket, this half flat shape considered the good position if dangle the bucket from their neck cause this shape bucket is easy to fit their body than previous round shape.

At around the same time, the collapsible bucket launched in TDS. This bucket structured by three storage is able to screw and collapse.
This bucket launched at TDS opening. (Contrary to my expectations, this bucket little bit tricky to use. When narrowed down it, scraps of popcorn get into the bucket chase, and therefore it can’t be shrinking smoothly.)

Now, in TDR, round shape with hinged cap is common. No more original bucket same as WDW and also no more tried various measures bucket, the half flat shape bucket.

Offspring of regular bucket

Here are some interesting bucket in TDR. This yellow body with red lid popcorn bucket was launched for Honey flavored popcorn. The shape motif is like honey pot, so it is shorter and thicker than regular bucket.

The short and thick bucket has a characteristic shape not only body but also cap. Many attractive designs have been launched, for example, the debut design of Pooh, princess, and Mary from the Aristocats.

In particular, the short and thick bucket series are most attractive with the cap which designed by the theme. The Princess bucket’s cap is shaped a tiara, the Mary bucket’s cap comes with a tiny white cat ear. At first, the princess pattern is a short and thick bucket launched in winter to spring season event named “Princess Day’s”. It was the seasonal event bucket at that time. The pink dress Minnie and Blue dress Daisy printed on it with tiara cap which was very popular.

The offspring of regular types: The Buzz bucket which I call it has a shaped of a rocket. The regular bucket with the cone shaped cap and the body with the base. The structure is very simple, but it really looks like a rocket. We had enjoyed the fantastic bucket which could changed be into a cap and the bucket body shape itself. But since the Buzz bucket had been launched, I felt a possibility of being able to change the bucket design.

The boot bucket is a prime example. It was a gas. Of course you know I call it “the boot bucket”, the bucket’s motif is a stocking which hang a fireplace. This bucket was launched for Christmas season in 1991. The body is regular bucket, and the base had shaped liked boot toe. This bucket is so funny.

Most expensive popcorn bucket

Here comes the Duffy’s! The most powerful bear invades the popcorn territory. At the moment, this popcorn bucket is most expensive in TDR, it is ¥2100, if you would like to add the strap of this, it is ¥3200. officially, this is not called bucket, it is “Duffy's popcorn basket” designed and is based on the Nantucket lightship basket. The bucket launched in this year 2010, and the new miner changed version launched in this Halloween season. My feelings only just expensive!

These bucket I introduction contains end of sale things.
I called information center to confirm the launched year of the each buckets, but information operator said, TDR cannot clear on the requirements. Therefore, please note that my reports the date of each buckets launched may wrong. Please come on and see yourself the variety of popcorn buckets at TDR!!

Need your help! :
I don't have the bucket as below, if you have a photo of this, please email me!
The bucket sold at TDS, it launched on the occasion for the TDS 5th anniversary. The shape is almost a sphere, the inside of the clear ball, the cup shaped is container in it.